summer wrap-up

School began in our area today, which means summer is over.  Except the weather doesn’t know that.  We’re at the beginning of a 90+ week, while we’ve had about three 90+ days in the last year or so.  I’m not complaining about a lack of 90 degrees, because me and heat don’t really get along.  But it is a bummer when the weather gets hot and kids want to swim and instead they have to sit in classrooms while the community pool closes for its annual maintenance.

We went out into the heat of the day today and finally took some official 10-year-old-pics of Ethan (2 weeks late).  Ten. Years. Old.  Double-digits.  I just can’t think about it too much or…or I start feeling really old.  And we can’t have that, can we?!  I thought it might be fun to look back on some little Ethan…












I couldn’t procrastinate any longer on taking his photos because tomorrow he’s going to the dentist and getting a bottom tooth pulled.  It’s wedged in there and causing things to shift too much, so out it comes.  I’m hoping this experience does not cause too much trauma.  We’re not officially starting school until next week, and swim practice doesn’t start up until the 19th, so we’ve got time to recover.

Speaking of school…we are joining a local group of Classical Conversations this year.  CC is a nation-wide program that offers homeschoolers a structured, classical approach to homeschooling while meeting once a week with others who are using the same curriculum.  It should be a challenging, full year!

Fall baseball is back in swing, school starts next week, swimming starts the week after that…maybe it will feel more like fall by then.  As much as I like summer, fall is still my favorite!

3 Responses to “summer wrap-up”

  • Randa Says:

    Loved the wonderful memories of that sweet boy growing into this tall young handsome fellow.


  • Connie Says:

    Love the photos :) Thinking about CC for the future…excited for you guys! Doing MFW, ECC this year. Kara had a tooth pulled in Feb, not too bad, hoping it all goes super smooth. Love ya! ~C


  • Tammy Says:

    Your boy is growing up, Elaine! It’s wonderful that you have so many photographs of him to capture his journey from babyhood to adult :-)

    Love ALL your pictures as usual!

    Tammy ~@~


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